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1 December 2011

Special mention and credit to Mr Ko Po Hui of Bolasepako.com for his kind and generous permission for sending us some excellent high-resolution pictures of our proud officials for use in our website which were than edited for better visual effects. Thank you very much Po Hui. 

15 December 2011

After months of preparatory hard work, sourcing, planning, liaising, we are proud of the upcoming launch of our Online Retail Website www.rayworldsports.com with our IT consultants . Enquiries and questions can be directed to the channels listed in “Contact Us”. We would like to thank all the people that have contributed to the launch of this website and for making it possible. It would have been nice to thank each and everyone personally but due to the big number of Samaritans, it would have been virtually impossible to list everybody’s names over here. So another BIG Thank You to Ko Po Hui of Bolasepako.com for his excellent pictures and his kind consent for letting us have the great pictures which of course was “enhanced” for the purpose of generating better visual effects for use in the website. A BIG Thank You also to the Officials featured in the website, our very proud home bred FIFA Referees Mr Abdul Malik Bashir, Mr Abas Daud, Mr Leow Thiam Hoe and FIFA Assistant Referees Mr K Surindranath, Mr Tang Yew Mun and Mr Edwin Lee. This is certainly not the end as we proudly hope to feature other Officials from our very own country in the next few versions..Special thanks also goes out to Daryl, who made this entirely possible, with a deserved sizeable fee of course…hehe. And also to our families and friends for this would be impossible without their support and encouragement. Thank You everyone and cheers.  

16 December 2011

Our heartiest congratulations to Mr Leow Thiam Hoe (right) and Mr Edwin Lee (left) for garnering the 2011 S League Referee and Assistant Referee of the year respectively during the annual S League Awards Night.

22 December 2011

As the festive period draws near and in conjunction with the official launch of this website, we are extremely pleased to start things with a BANG -- a 20% discount on ALL COMPRESSION APPARELS that you fancy in the website. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiries on this. As we progress into 2012, there will be regular periodic attractive offers so be sure to look out for them!! We will also be having New Items regularly plus link ups with other sports related merchants and companies very soon so do keep a lookout for them!

27 December 2011

Rayworld Sporting Supplies is proud to go LIVE on the World Wide Web! Authentic products for the needs of Officials, Players, Athletes and ALL Sports/Fitness Enthusiasts! Come on and check it out! Its a place for everybody. Guarantees something suitable for all.

15 March 2012

A big thank you to all the current and existing customers for the great support over the last few months. We pledge to bring in more exciting products on a regular basis. Look out for updates via www.facebook.com/rayworldss and if you have not "liked" our FB page, please do so! Kindly spread the word to all fellow sports enthusiasts as we will unroll many many more new products and irresistable offers regularly!