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Molten Barukin Valkeen Whistle

Molten Barukin Valkeen Whistle 

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 Molten Barukin Valkeen J League Official Whistle

If an 80000 capacity crowd + countless vuvuzelas cannot drown out Yuichi Nishimura’s whistle during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, you must wonder what kind of whistle is he using. Check this 125 decibels monster of a whistle out....Its specifications are as follows: 125db/10cm, 4.15kHz/3.67 kHz.

Referees look for "pitch", "resonance". "solid sound", "penetration" and "impact" from their whistles. The optimum sound of the Valkeen fulfills all these requirements. This is achieved through the best Japanese technology that combines the best of 2 interfering frequencies at 4.15kHz (Upper chamber) and 3.67kHz (Lower chamber) which produces a unique beat. Moreover, the extended fins direct the airflow to produce a solid cutting sound comprising 4 Octaves of high-level harmonics. Delivering the perfect performance for all occasions, scenarios and matches.

Simply the BEST Whistle in the world. Unparalled and unrivaled. Dwarfs all other whistles.