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Adidas Referees' Sanctions Records Sticker

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10pcs in 1 pack

Another innovative yet extremely useful Referee assessory from Adidas. They are to be pasted on the Yellow and Red cards directly so that when sanctions are being carried out, the Referees can record the offences and players' numbers directly onto these stickers which are already pasted onto the Yellow and Red cards respectively. It saves time and trouble plus eliminates the need to separately pull out the notebook to record the sanctions. Another useful tip is when sanctioning, its easy to take a quick glance if the player you are going to sanction next has already been previously cautioned. Extremely useful when the cautions become one too many to remember. Its fuss-free and any pencil or ballpoint pen can be used to write on the stickers and erased by an eraser. When it gets worn out after many games, simply replace it with a new one as there are 10pcs in a pack!

Made in Japan