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Casio Referee Watch (Black)

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Product Description

 Casio Official Referees' Watch (Made to Order Japan Version)

- Colour: Black

- Imported From Japan

- 1JF Timers 11 Version (Enhanced and improved version)

- Limited Stocks

- Brand New with Tags, original boxes, instruction manuals and papers

* Excellent for interval training and indispensible for High Intensity Fitness tests (Any timing for any category Referees, 30/35, 30/40, 30/45, 35/40.....)

• With stopwatch for soccer to be able to do measurement at injury time developed based on referee's opinion easily


• 5 atmosphere waterproof function

• Vibration function (It informs them of target information, timer information of the stop watch, and the time alarm/time signal because of the vibration).

• The world time: With set function Daylight Saving Time displayed at time of 48 cities (29 time zone) in the world Stop watch for soccer: Addition timer for umpire whom can be measured at injury time. The display upper row: the measurement (It is total for 60 minutes for one second) at the game time and display the lowers: The elapsed time measurement (It is total for 100 minutes for one second) and target information (game time) can be set (The unit of the set: maximum set for one minute: 60 minutes).

• The preset timer: It is a preset (The preset time: It measures and autorepeat every second of ten minute/12 minute/15 minute/20 minute/25 minute/30 minute/35 minute/40 minute/45 minutes), and addition the measurement frequency count as for nine kinds in the game time of the main ball game. )

• Timer: Timer (The unit of the set: maximum set for five seconds: It measures and autorepeat at 55 seconds of 59 minutes every second) for the measurement at intervals when the setting at the time of nine sets or less is possible and with the measurement frequency count.

• Time alarm and time signal

• Battery life is approximately five years

• Full auto calendar

• System display switch of 12/24 time

• EL backlight with automatic writing and afterlight function Size (H×W×D)/weight: 52.5×36.6×12.8mm/41g

100% Made in Japan