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Adidas 3-in-1 Shoebag

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 The LATEST product from Adidas not available in most parts of the world! Spacious and classy design, it easily lets you store a pair of boots, turf shoes and running shoes together at the same time. Thats what most referees in the world lug along for trainings, games, matches and overseas tournaments.Apart from storing these footwear, it still has enough ample space for assessories like shoe horns, brushes, polish cloths, shoe kiwi or polishes. It also comes with a hand carry strap and an adjustable shoulder sling strap as well. This makes it convenient to bring it along anywhere like any sling bag if you feel like it for any training of any sorts or could even double up as a gym bag.

Measures 17cm x 32cm x 23cm.

Limited Stocks Only!!!