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Asics Slant Pro Whistle

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Product Description

 Designed with Referees in mind, Engineered by Referees in mind, Developed for Referees in mind and Made specifically for REFEREEING Purposes. Formulated by the Asics Japan Corporation with the most state of the art technology with long standing research, using numerous models of whistles as samples for testing purposes, here we have something that finally every Referee should be suited to.

Lightweight, exclusive channelling chamber crafted, practical ergonomic designs and true performance makes this whistle a real gem. Sharp, clear and precise pitches, strong warning tones and a fleeting siren are all part of a Referee's armour. This whistle has all that. The 3 chinese characters printed on the left bottom corner of the RED Sticker on the packaging says it all: "FOR REFEREES USAGE".

Packed with a complimentary Asics Lanyard within the packaging with easy instructions on how to adjust the lanyard's clip buckle to each and every individual's different needs and requirements. Can be adjusted to fit into fingers, wrists and on necks etc...

A very unique whistle design-wise that produces an unmistakably special pitch that demands respect.